Monday, August 31, 2009

check out my apron

I asked Holly Stinnett to make me an apron for a venue i am attending in Oct. (Art-is in Connecticut). I am attending the Cornonation of Alice and we decided that we would be wearing aprons. so i felt i must be prepared with a show stopping apron and immediately thought of Holly. After a few emails we came up with a game plan, i sent her a few images and VIOLA! look what she came up with. my criteria was vintage and shabby chic colors: blue, yellow, pink & green. A boy did she deliver! i told her that when it arrived today that my hair was a disaster, wearing pj bottoms, a skanky tank top, no bra, etc. but that the minute i put my apron on, i felt beautiful!


  1. wow!!! that is some apron! Love it, lucky you!

  2. What a fabulous apron! You will be the belle of the ball! dix---

  3. That is soooo pretty. I think I need one for my dressmaker's mannequin in my office so I could look at it all the time!

  4. This is a beautiful apron-a piece of art in itself!!


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