Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Souvenirs de ma vie" (memories of my life) - metal charm bracelets

this is a bracelet i made for my friend, Abbie, to say thank you for helping me with my website and answering all my techie questions! she read all the behind the scenes stuff for my website and then taught me what to do. it was so much easier that way since i couldn't view the tutorials on my laptop and she has much experience in that area. so thank you Abbie for your help! i am currently taking orders if you are interested in a customized metal charm bracelet. you need to give me 7-8 words (short words or names) and send me any doodads you might want on the bracelet (go through your jewelry box! no heavy items though) or i can add my own items that i choose for you (there won't be any consulting on items i use). allow 3-5 weeks for an immediate order and Christmas orders will be mailed out by mid November. girls, it's not too early to start your wish list and forward this link to the hubbie, boyfriend or significant other in your life! if you are interested, email me at for more details. Thank you, Allegra, for giving my bracelets such a beautiful name.


  1. I am so thrilled with how this turned out, when you showed me the work in progress the other day I couldn't imagine how it would get cooler- but you did it!

    Can I use this pic to write a blog post on mine? I wanna blog & plug ya too!

  2. These are so beautiful. I am planning on going to Art Opera in April and hope to be able to take one of your classes.

  3. You really did make this a bracelet of memories - very cool!!

  4. Awesome! I love it! I have not forgotten about your PIF, will be mailing it in Sept. Watch UPS for it! :)
    Artful Blessings,

  5. Abbie is one lucky lady to have a friend like you and vice versa!! This is the most amazing bracelet...your talent is unrelenting!!


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