Friday, August 21, 2009

soldering class

so yesterday i held another soldering class. it went from 3 students to 7 in a matter of a day, so i did some reconfiguring and got it all arranged. need to get some extra power surgers and longer cords as we ran into a couple of glitches using an extension cord (not enough power). as i say after every class, i learned a few things as well as teaching what i know. it was a great class, fun and lively. i seemed to innocently say things that as soon as they come out of my month, sound rather crass! so we all had some good laughs at me! it is humbling to be told that i've inspired someone, so as a teaher, my goal has been achieved. you can check out jill's blog post here from my class.


  1. congratulations, Kecia, on the success of your class. I have no doubt that everyone had a blast. And congratulations for being selected to teach at A & S Portland...that is very exciting.

  2. what a compliment to you that you inspired someone! beautiful!! xo


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