Thursday, August 20, 2009

what will $20 buy you?

it started in the garden when i found some wisteria growing under a bench. (my neighbor has the biggest, oldest wisteria tree in her yard and it sends seeds to our yard). it was a really long piece of wisteria; about 6 feet long. i looked at it thought, wow, this would be cool to wrap around something. so i didn't whack it, cut it or pull it. it's continued to grow and grow until recently when i mentioned this project to my husband. so we dug out these two free columns that we pilfered from a dumpster. they've been sitting under our deck waiting to be called into service. last week at the New Egypt flea market, i saw in the scrap yard, tons of metal stuff; so i dragged jeff there yesterday and we bought 2 pieces of salvaged metal railings for $20. i thought one of them would be the perfect thing to run between the 2 columns and then wind the wisteria through. so what do you think?


  1. that looks amazing! i can just imagine how it will look after the wisteria grows in more. purty.

  2. Oh, this is just wonderful!!!!! It's amazing what you can create out of what seems to be... nothing. This photograph is just so dreamy, I wish I was standing beneath the real thing! Great job... what a garden hideaway!


  3. It looks fabulous. I hope we get to see some photos once the wisteria flowers

  4. Love it! Lucky enough to see it in person yesterday...such and inspiring home!
    {{Carnie Hugs}}

  5. Wow! looks like you have a awesome garden. next time you are at that flea market take photos. I would love to see what a NJ flea market has to offer.


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