Saturday, August 29, 2009

New York City is where i spent my weekend

(hint, click on photo for enlarged view)
So my friend, Pam, was in town, (NY) to help her daughter, Kasey move into their new apartment. So yesterday i drove into Seacacus Junction, parked my car and took the 10 minute train ride into Penn Station. Then i hopped into a cab and took it over to Pam's place. wow, the place is stunning. After waiting for the cable/internet guy to show up, we headed out for a little shopping and lunch. it was quite rainy and really cold. i was wearing flip flops, capri's and a little sweater - so i got cold fast. quick stop at Daffy's and i emerged with a pair of polka dot rain boots and a sweet lightweight coat to keep me warm. Then we met Kasey, at Ben's, for NY's best chicken noodle soup. Yummy is all i can say! after leaving Kasey, Pam and i walk over to Metalliferous. never been? OH MY GOD! you must go; but warning, it is overwhelming, crowded, hot and the staff a bit on the snippy side. we both managed to spend way too much money there on tools, vintage findings, chain, wire and more. after that it was back to the apartment for a little rest before dinner at Rosa Mexicalli where we were meeting up Cindy Dean, who is in the process of moving from Las Vegas to New York. We had a wonderful dinner with scrumptious guacamole and pomegranate margaritas. again i'll just use the sophisticated word, YUM, to describe them. After dinner, Pam and i went to a Barnes & Nobles to see what new art books and magazines were available.
We went to bed late and got up early to hit the Garage flea market. what a wonderful time we had there. so many cool things to see and really interesting people. i made a lot of great contacts, handed out a few business cards when people saw the necklace i was wearing and then inquired about it. We had great sandwhiches at the Blue Dog Cafe before walking our way to Hell's Kitchen to check out their flea market, which turned out to be a bit of bust, but that's ok. We grabbed a cab back to the apartment, as unfortunately, it was time for me to head back to New Jersey. Thank you Pam for having me and showing me such a wonderful time. I appreciate you picking up all cab rides and giving me such a comfortable place to lay my head. Spending time with friends is always so fun.


  1. sounds like a fabulous weekend to me!!! so glad ou had such a wonderful time!

  2. It was MY pleasure and I had so much fun. Miss you already.

  3. Sounds fun! And by coincidence, I was recently in Metalliferous too!!

  4. I've heard good things about Daffy's but have never been (I don't think there's one in the South Jersey area.) Anyway, sounds like a great weekend!

  5. So you didn't make it to CJS?????? ooooooo sounds like you had an amazing time. I loved the Garage as well and Metalifferous.....well, I could be retired if I didn't do there.

    I am dying to know how you do your photo collage and you mentioned a flea market where you purchased that INCREDIBLE purse you had......are you willing to share????


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