Wednesday, December 10, 2008

is it friday yet?

(photo by Lucky Snap)
first i slipped outside (this was monday). i didn't fall, but a rug slid on me as it was icy underneath and i was on a ramp, so my body jerked as i slipped and then corrected myself. i was quite sore; actually felt like i had whiplash in my neck, shoulders and between the shoulder blades. then the next day (yesterday) i had to do a show alone and had to carry my table really far to this building and it was really heavy. i am not strong enough to carry that table, but we didn't really think that the door to the building would be so far off from parking. then i get up the doors and they are not automatic nor is there any buttons to push them open, nor anyone around to help. so it was very difficult. so after setting up, doing the show (which sucked - i made $18) and then taking everything down again and then driving an hour and a half home, i was exhausted and sore.

when i got home tucker started coughing and had to be suctioned almost all evening and then get this - we lost power for almost 4 hours. i have backup power for 2 hours and then his suction machine has a battery, but it was really dark (just candles) and i was getting concerned about how much longer the power would be out and how long the battery in his machine would last. so i called the police department to inquire about how long to expect the outage and the next thing i know, they want to send out a squad car and EMS to evaluate. talk about my stress level going through the roof. i was like, no, it's not necessary, this isn't an emergency, etc. but they came. good heavens. right after i hung up with him, the power came on! i told the guy on the phone, please don't come into our neighborhood with lights going and sirens blaring (our neighbor, Kevin, died 2 days ago and i thought it might be very upsetting all around). and then i didn't want all the neighbors worrying and coming over.

tucker ended up coughing almost all night, so i stayed up with him. when i got up this morning (I kind of curled up next to him in his bed) i felt like a mac truck hit me. i am even 3 times as sore now. jeff relieved me at 7am and i went back to bed until 1:00. i felt a tad better after a hot shower and then walking around is loosening up my tight muscles. i'm kind of walking like i was out horseback riding for 3 days!

p.s. don't forget to check out a collaborative necklace put together by our yahoo group, The Charmsters, being auction on ebay for our designated charity - 100% of the proceeds to go to Bernie Berlin's "A place to bark".


  1. Many hugs and hope you're snug as a bug in a rug now!

  2. Ugh, gosh Im so sorry! I hope you are feeling better very soon, big and gentle hug. Jamie

  3. Oh ugh! What a week you are having. I wish many nice and positive happy things will happen for you in the very near future!
    Sprinking that good luck fairy dust ~~*~**~*~*~**~** :) {{hugs}}

  4. ok, this can only mean that things will be going uphill from this point forward! xoxo sherry

  5. I got tired just reading this Kecia. I hope your week gets better.
    Happy holidays to you all.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon.


  7. Kecia,

    When you come up for air, go to the Library and check out the children's book - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. One of my all-time favorites and my first grade classes could quote it verbatim.


  8. OMG Kecia...what a heck of a day you had. I due hope you are feeling better today and Tucker is better as well. You are such a blessing to your family! Hope your day is going better today. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.


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