Friday, December 5, 2008

vinette by the front door

here's a little vinette i created and it is really easy to do, so if you feel inspired to create your own, it took me about 15 minutes. of course, i have the resources in my own backyard to go cut holly, berries, pinecones and evergreens. we took the dogs and made a little trip to the back field and snip these items, collected pine cones, yelled at Gracie for running off, oh and looked for birds nests. we found one which jeff wrangled out of some sticker burrs and then i took all the findings and starting laying them out around this old farm table (bought for $5 years ago!). the wreath you see in the back of the picture, we got at the flea market this morning and the same with the rusty old truck (which had been in a fire). i fell i love with the truck the second i saw it. it reminded me of jeff telling me how when he was little, he use to bury his toys in his backyard. so i told him, we are going to tell people that you buried this truck when you were little and we recently dug it up! in the first picture, you can see the darling little bird nest in the cab of the truck. in the second picture, i decided to add some vintage ornaments also purchased at the flea market this morning.

don't have these kind of items? well, let's get creative and see what else you have to substitute!

here's a picture of sweet Kirby on our walk today. she was very helpful.

My friend, Abbie, created my new avatar, featuring one of my icons. isn't it great? i just love having a handy computer friends!


  1. I love your truck as well! nice setup you have there *smiles*

  2. girl, you are on a roll this is wonderful and i love that truck too....xox

  3. I LOVE your vignette! I have to tell you I'm considering doing a little bit of copying! my poor husband has all these old trucks and I make him keep them hidden away in our bedroom.. wouldnt he be sooo surprised if he came home and found one decorating the front porch!! You are one creative christmas elf!

  4. Beautiful vignette! The truck is a great focal point. And, I think I forgot to tell you I love your Christmas banner.


  5. can kirby come over for a play date? mom


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