Saturday, December 6, 2008

from a friend

a package arrived yesterday from my friend, Kim. we had done a necklace swap along with another friend, Maija. Poor Kim though, got a double whammy because the swap was taking place at the same time as my birthday, so she ended up having to make me two necklaces. (so i made out like a bandit!) so this was my 2nd half of the swap. but not only did i get a necklace, i got a pair of gorgeous earrings and an ornament that she put a nest from her yard in (forgot to take a pic of it). the necklace is this intricate wire cage in which in the middle sits a lovely green heart. you would not believe the wire work on this piece. i am in awe as it must of taken her forever! it is quite beautiful and can't wait to show it off. thank you so much, Kim, for taking the time to work on such wonderful pieces for little ole me.


i finally got the resin to dry on these new jewelry pieces that are featuring either vintage bird images or some of my original artwork. i think they turned out pretty cool


  1. it was my pleasure to make this special piece for you....i had to make you something different and it turned out perfect......xox

  2. ps..these new jewelry pieces are stellar.....i cannot wait until they show up in etsy so i can look at each individually..beautiful kecia, just beautiful!

  3. Hey Girl, tell me what you did to get the resin to dry on these pendants???I have some pieces that have been drying for 2 days and im frustrated.. urkkkk.. Advice??

  4. The resin jewelery is stunning.


  5. Very cool! Do you use envirotex on them? karen...

  6. So pretty!

    Please check out my blog - I've given you a very special award! :)


  7. what a lucky girl you are! the jewelry is lovely!


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