Saturday, December 20, 2008

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well, i 've been quiet for a few days and that usually means that either i'm not feeling well or Tucker isn't feeling well. well, Tucker, it turned out, has bronchitis. wednesday night he was up til 5am coughing, coughing and coughing. i stayed up with him, suctioning, singing to him, talking to him, keep him company, etc. and then i spent the next few days trying to recover! we took him to the doctor on friday and she started him on an antibotic. i swear a few hours after the first dose, he was already sounding better. Friday i ended up sleeping in until 11:00am, something that rarely ever happens. i'm just not one to sleep in. i have some many things i want to get done on a daily basis and usually sleeping isn't one of them! but i was exhausted, had a horrible headache and needed to rest. so rest i did. i'm still a bit tired, but getting there!
my project for the last few days was working on a wreath. i decided i wanted to make a wreath using vintage ornaments. i've been collecting these for awhile, so i had plenty on hand. i started it last night and got about 1/2 done before i ran out of glue stix. stopped at Michale's this morning to restock my stix and back to work (why is that they only had 1 cashier on a saturday morning, a few days before Christmas and with a line 12 people deep? ugh!)
i made my first wreath when i was in college and had gone home for Christmas break (that was also the time i made all these adorable "gingerbread people" ornaments out of felt. ) my mom was making them and she showed me how. we would go deep into their property (she was living in Greensboro, NC at the time) and we would look for grapevine. then we would wrap it in a circle and begin the decorating. we used a glue gun and whatever supplies she had on hand (i really don't remember what it looked like!) i just fondly remember the time. so now that my wreath is completed, i thought it'd be fun to guess how many ornaments it took to fill in this wreath? whoever comes comes the closest will win a prize (a prize i am still determining)


  1. 122?
    It was the same way at my JoAnn's store last week in Portola Hills! 2 checkers and a line that wrapped around twice. urrrrgh

  2. I WISH we had a craft store here - I have to order all my supplies online - which is nasty when you realize you forgot something!

    Great wreath - love the vintage style light bulb ornaments. My guess is 132

  3. Hi Kecia,

    I guess 111. I'm sitting here waiting for an actual Delta airines person to talk to me...

    My son and his wife left Chicago more than two hours late this afternoon, are in flight now - thus they won't make their connecting flight from Salt Lake City to Eureka tonight. I'm trying to get them seats on a plane tomorrow (there are only two flights) and I know they are not the only ones in this predicament. The Delta recording said the lines are all busy and the wait will be longer than usual. So...I've been waiting 45 minutes, listening to Christmas music and reading the blogs that I enjoy.

    Happy Holidays with love,

    p.s. Just as I was about to send this, I did get an operator (HUMAN!) and after looking up the information, she told me that Matt and Julie were booked on the morning flight tomorrow!

  4. 118? Love your wreath, it turned out so nice.
    I hope Tucker is feeling much better by now, bronchitis is such nasty stuff.
    I think Michael's must have staffing cutbacks because it's the same here at my local store. I went there a couple of days ago for supplies I needed for a necklace I'm working on ... one person working the cash registers and a line 10 people long. Argh!

  5. Kecia, your wreath is festively beautiful! I love it. My guess is 101. Glad to hear Tucker is feeling better and you're getting some rest (gotta recharge every once in a while). It's a winter wonderland here in Portland and I'm going stir-crazy! Not used to being stuck inside this many days in a row!

    Holiday peace!

  6. I'm going to say 150.

    I am impressed though, that not only did you make this intricate, beautiful wreath, but you actually counted the pieces that went onto it.

    I would have patience for either one or the other haha.

  7. By my math, I've calculated about 140.. Beautiful wreath!

  8. OMGosh, It came out Fantastic. Love it...So sorry you were so worn out and Mr. Tucker was so sick. Glad he is feeling better too. Get your rest when you can, Ive been learning that myself lately. Thank you so much for the Holiday card you truly are a thoughtful soul. I think you used 113 ornaments and goodies. Happy Holidays and feel better mom and Tucker. Jamie

  9. Kecia - you are some kind of special woman. I am glad that the antibiotic took hold so quickly. I'm sure it was a huge relief for you.

    I have a surprise for you. I will send you an e-mail.

    I'll guess 225. Any prize from your creative hands will be a wonderful treat for whoever is the winner.

  10. hello miss... um... 75?
    glad all is well again...
    i hope you all have a calm christmas... it has a been a gift meeting you this year...
    merry christmas

  11. Well, it just shows that you create beauty no matter what! What a lovely wreath, and I'm so glad to hear that Tucker is feeling better. Happy Christmas to you and your family, and I'm guessing 147!

  12. I think it is 136! I don't think a family member is eligible though. It is a gorgeous wreath and Of course, love the vintage ornaments.

  13. sure family members can play! i just wish i know which family member left this comment! mom?

  14. What a fun way to have a giveaway. My guess would be 108.

  15. hmmm..... 127?

    It's beautiful!

    I hope Tucker is feeling better!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. i am guessing 185. i hope tucker feels better soon!!!

  17. Hi! I love your wreath!!!!!and I love your blog...the music isn't bad either!!!!!
    I'm guessing 185!
    JackieW(who used to live in OceanTownship in the late 60's and early 70's!!!! I now live in Florida
    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

  18. So glad to hear the medicine is helping and that you got some much needed sleep.

    The wreath turned out so good and my guess is 144 items to create it ;)

  19. Whoops I realize 185 was taken....then
    I guess 180!

  20. I'll guess 97..that's one beautiful wreath.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  21. Oh, I'd say 200.

  22. Beautiful - really holiday feeling and elegant. My guess is 115

  23. Beautiful wreath. I think there are 156 ornaments displayed in there.
    Happy Holidays,
    Susan G

  24. 54 ornaments... You did a awesome job Kecia... Hope Tucker is doing well now.... don't get to run down my dear friend!

  25. Wow, that is really pretty! You did a great job. I'm going to guess 119 ornaments are on the wreath.

  26. Kecia - the wreath is GORGEOUS! You did a wonderful job, and it turned out beautifully!

  27. Hi Auntie,
    I think it is about 130. I think the wreath is beautiful. I am having a great time in Ventura. We are going to bake Christmas cookies. I hope you have a great Christmas. Love, Erika

  28. some kind of beautiful!
    my guess is 203..xo

  29. Angie said 110 I think that's what i counted. Very pretty, Would like to have it here but the wind would blow it away. too delicate.

  30. Shoot someone else guessed 136... I'll guess 137 then? Odd numbers are always good! Merry Christmas!

  31. Your wreath is gorgeous! What an amazing collection of vintage ornaments you have.

    My guess is 175.


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