Sunday, December 14, 2008

spreader of love award - pass it on

RedBessBonney passed this award onto me the other day.

The Spreader of Love" Award ~ a reminder that I'm "loved" and that there are other very special people out there for me to "spread this love" around with!

So i'm passing this award onto my very good friends, Kim, Allegra, Zhulia, Laurel, Denise

thanks for thinking of me Susan!


  1. Wishing you peace and love during the holidays and always!

    Thanks so much, Kecia.


  2. Thank you, sweet one!~ I love the photos of you and your family - here's wishing you the best of holidays and a wonderful new year!

  3. What could I add? Do I deserve this?
    Heck not with my temper, but I guess those who love me know that even with my temper I love them just as much. So darling, a million thanks for thinking of me, our friendship and the trust we have in each other is more valuable to me than rubies.

    I love the photos and Ms. Glamour Puss you are so beautiful there - and no, Ivana may wish to look like that. Hugs to the entire clan and one extra one for you to remind you that Barry and I truly love you.

  4. thankyou sweet one, you made my day you..xoxox


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