Sunday, December 28, 2008

So how are the post holidays going for ya? me and tuck are still congested from our colds. what is it with colds these days where you don't really get "sick" but have a few symptoms for a day or so, but then you are left with weeks of congestion? today the wind is blowing something fierce so that is causing allergies and headaches. last night i finally watched "Dark Knight". dillon had an improv show, so he and jeff were gone, so i thought that'd be a good time to watch it without interruption. so me and tucker watched it. i thought it was okay, but i'm a chick. i think it was more of a guy movie. plus i didn't really get the ending where he chose to be hunted. guess i missed something..... anyway. i got this birdfeeder for Christmas. it is called a "cardinal feeder", but i've yet to see one cardinal fly in there! (but they do eat what is falling on the ground...) right now we've got yellow finches, house finches, chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, sparrows and the tufted titmouse flying in for snacks. i actually watched a chickadee sit still and hang out by herself in the feeder yesterday morning. chickadees are very active and i have never seen one just "sitting" before. it was cool.


  1. Beautiful photos Kecia - thanks for sharing those with us.

    I don't get out to the movies much, but I found a movie house over in Irvine that was still showing The Secret Life of Bees yesterday. Have you seen it? OMG, it's a good one! I laughed and cried. Yep, it was good.

    I hope the winds die down so you and Tucker can get rid of that nasty congestion!

  2. aww girl cardinals are my favorite. When I was a kid I felt bad for the girls because they weren't red and bright like the boys, kinda felt like they got slighted, but I like their coloring even more now!

  3. Hey, I just watched "Dark Knight" last night too! I mainly wanted to see Heath Ledger's performance - so frakkin' great - and so incredibly sad to have lost him at 28 years of age. He always reminded me of my little brother - I was sooo sad when he died. Agree with you about the ending - weird. Here's another weird thing - Christian Bale's voice change when he becomes Batman! What IS up with that? He speaks normally when he's Bruce Wayne....

  4. okay, second comment, but I had to mention that the current word verification word below is "ballsily" - for true! What's up with there computer-generated words lately, anyway?

  5. Kecia -
    Get well soon! I've got the dang cold that's making the rounds. Honestly, it wasn't fun sniffling and sneezing on Christmas Day. I crawled into bed at 5 PM on Christmas Eve. I seem to be improving on the cold front now... If I could just get that ultrasound scheduled and a definite diagnosis about my abdominal pain...

    The bird pics are awesome! We have feeders here too and have (at last count) FOUR pairs of cardinals. They've inreased over the years since we've lived here, so I don't know if it's a big extended family or not, but it's pretty awesome to see four 'couples' in the yard at the same time.

    One of these days we'll have to get together and I'll have to share the story about my husband calling 911 when the hawk crashed into our patio door.

  6. hope you all feel better soon!

  7. Such a great gift to get. Love all the photos of the birdies.
    Sorry to hear that your colds are still lingering around. I know with colds if you get one you just want to get over it as soon as you can and be back to your regular self.
    Hum, haven't been doing much movie watching lately. I may have to start a movies to watch list. So when I do get time I can have a list of good ones I've seen commercials for. Oh, boy another list.
    Take Care,

  8. I think anything to attract birds is a most wonderful gift :)
    I love the bird with the red punk feathers on top of its head, what is the name of this wonderful bird ?
    Love cardinals but alas we don't get them here. Lots of chickadees, robins, sparrows, etc...and the odd hawk here and there. Plenty of crows, ravens and seagulls. Love ravens, and there's a family of them not far from here, such a delight to see and hear !

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a joyous new year woohoo !


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