Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Self-portrait Wednesday

here's what you get from me today. tired and resting from not feeling well. i am feeling better today; although my abs and back are killing me from coughing so hard. tucker is on the mend too; still coughing alot. i feel bad that all his caregivers got it too. nasty stuff.


  1. Kecia....I am sending warm healing thoughts your way for you and Tucker. Take care of your sweet self.


  2. I hope you all get to sleep and have sweet dreams while you recover. And, I hope the flu flees from your home forever.


  3. aww poor thing! I'm keeping both you & Tucker in the warmest thoughts that you both recover soon.

  4. Kecia,
    You are cute even when you are sleeping! Get well my friend and healing thoughts for cute Tucker...poor guy! karen....


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