Tuesday, May 26, 2009

feeling better

i'm starting to feel a little better. tucker went back to school today and although, i was a nervous wreck about it, it was good for jeff and i to have a break. i had to work today. i am working one day a week at this shoppe nearby that is carrying some of my art. i pay her some rent and work one day a week. my sales there have been really good with the summer crowd.

i have news for you though - i am not meant to be cooped up in a little shop and dealing with the public! i felt like a caged bird, just dying to get out! it means putting on a happy, friendly face and answering beign questions that drive me batty! i'd rather be home creating art than trying to sell it! and today was really cold and rainy, which meant, very little business. so i decide to do some drawing. here is one of the pictures i drew today:

at first, the girl didn't have those tears. i added them at the end just to represent how i was feeling this week. i'm going to draw a little bird sitting on the branch over her head. the bird will be watching over her in comfort, like my friends and family. so that's the report!

also, i'm thinking of driving to Boston in a few weeks to take a Michael deMeng class. might be just what the doctor ordered - some art therapy!


  1. glad youre feeling better. Art Therapy is the answer to every ailment, dont you think? well, maybe not.. but it sounded good! have a sweet week!

  2. Glad you are on the up and up!


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