Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i think tomorrow i will backtrack a bit and hit on my san diego trip with Suzi Blu/San Diego, only because i have some great photos that i want to share. today i worked at the art co-op store that just opened. the store is called "Sea and Green" and the theme is eco friendly. my stuff fits in there, because i do a lot of recycling and using of vintage items verus buying new supplies. (for instance, i often paint over old canvas pictures instead of buying a new canvas). my jewelry is also lots of deconstructed items versus going out and buying new. i guess i consider the use of vintage items that are already in circulation recycling, (vintage is the new green!) anyway, there are a couple of artists in the store, plus the owner. we pay her a small rental fee in exchange for space and then each work one day a week in the shop. so today was my day to work. i sold 3 of my things, so that was cool. it worked out great with the van already loaded with my stuff, so i just drove it over and set up my space. in my basement i had an old french colonial vanity that i had repainted. i'm using that as my "display" area. it's cute; although i'd like to do some sanding on it and make it more weathered looking. and no, i didn't take a picture of it, but i will. after what i sold in Virginia and what i put in the shoppe, my inventory is really down. so guess i'd better get back to work! i'd like to make some bottles for the shoppe with seashells on them and something soldered around the neck as it is a Jersey shore town and i think that will go well there. i also want to make more assemblages which i love to do. so little time, so many ideas! and of course, need to get stuff on my website. yikes - i need an assistant................

p.s. i was checking on my disentagration project the other day and saw a darling little house wren tugging on the tulle to use in her nest. not sure if she was successful as it is sewn in. where was my camera then? that would have been the best pic ever to go along with that project.

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