Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ocean Grove flea market

I love to go to this flea market. it is held twice a year. unfortunately the last two times they had it, it rained, so it wasn't all that good. but today was beautiful and the place was crazy! i went with Jane and her daughter, Claudia. they drove here yesterday and spent the night. we stayed in the trailer and it was great fun. we had a lovely dinner in Asbury Park.
this morning, we got to the flea market about 8:00am and right off the bat, i spied this home made cupboard. SOLD - to me! the guy told me he could have sold it 10 times over with all the expressed interest in it. i've already got it on the back porch and accessorized, so tomorrow, i'll snap a photo of it - in it's new home. i also bought a cool bust to hang necklaces on, a tattered dress form, 2 black shutters with moon cutouts, a home made potting bench and 2 bird houses. it was great fun. we got lots of sun, walked around forever and spent too much money.


  1. Hey Kecia! Had an awesome time at Ocean Grove scored some great pieces... I've always loved & wanted a potting bench like the one you got..the bookcase is awesome-so cool..hope you & tucker are feeling better...happy Sunday, ENJOY! have a honey of a day, & may sweet things come your way! grace & peace 2 "U" Marlene :O)

  2. Hi Kecia what a fabulous buy!!
    Look forward to seeing it in your photos.

  3. Kecia--I wanna come visit and go swapping!!! You found some awesome treasures!!!!

  4. Looks like fun. And what an amazing location for a flea!


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