Tuesday, May 19, 2009

*update: tucker's doc called and said he tested positive for influenza type A, so now we are all on Tamflu (or whatever it is called. dillon wasn't feeling well earlier and all the caregivers for tuck who watched him last weekend are sick. i have to go have a swab done tomorrow as the case was reported to the local health department. i'm feeling a little better today. our pharmacy was very low on the tamflu product and said that many people are sick. i'm guessing tuck picked it up at school, which is where is always seems to get this stuff.
i really appreciate all the nice thoughts and prayers for me and tucker. you guys really know how to help relieve some this inner anxiety i carry around with me with all your support. i thank you. you'll never know how much it means to me.
so far today, tuck's fever is staying down, so cross fingers. he's still coughing alot, so i'll continue with his respiratory treatments including the use of a nebulizer and The Vest, which is the coolest machine ever. a velcro vest is put on him and then these plastic tubes hook into the vest and into the machine. when you turn it on, it fills up with air and start to rattle tucker's chest. you can turn it up really high to focus deep within his lungs or go lower to focus on more shallow areas. he likes to fall asleep when it is going.
i had a horrible night of sleep last night, coughing my fool head off, non stop. ever since i was little i would get these horrible coughs that just wouldn't quit. the only thing that really helps is coedine. so i just called my neighbor/doc to call in a script for me. you'll like this story though- around 2am i was so desperate to stop coughing, that i was rummaging through my medicine cabinet and found an old bottle of coedine. well, it had gelled at the bottom, that's how old it was. did i let that stop me? No! i took a spoon and started scraping it off the bottom and then took it that way. nice, right? (kind of gross!)but it worked, i managed to get some sleep starting around 3am.
on a more positive note, JoAnna emailed me that she had gotten the cards that i had sent her. thank you everyone who sent cards to me to send onto them. She's taking them to the hospital today to show Ron. She was very touched.


  1. Have you ever been tested for asthma? Coughing is sometimes a sign of it.

  2. i like the desperate-ness of taking the gelled codeine, lol....it made my day...xo
    hope your household is feeling better today...

  3. Big huggolas for you and Tuck, my happy thoughts are being lasered over to you for a quick end to the coughing craziness.
    Hope this evening proves much better for sleep. Is it still too early to pop you and Tuck into the spa for some bubbly warmth and relaxation ?
    Tracy ♥

  4. Take care of yourself. Keeping you & your family in my thoughts!

  5. oh my honey girl! i'm so sorry to hear that you all are sick! i will definitely be praying for you all to sleep, rest, and feel better right away. i wish i was there to make you a big pot of chicken soup!

  6. Kecia,

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I've been out all day - but thought about you - and when I got home, I checked Facebook. When I didn't see anything right off the bat, I went to your Blog. I had to laugh about the codeine story. When you said you had something funny to tell, I imagined you crafting something with it!!!


    p.s. Finally heard from Lisa - she'll be here tomorrow afternoon.

  7. The meds thing sounds like something I woudl have done. I NEVER throw away any old meds. Bad practice, I know.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  8. Feel better Kecia, sounds just awful, hope u and Tuck hurry up and feel better.

  9. Oh stooped by via facebook.. hope you all get better Real soon... wish I lived closer I would make you my magic chicken soup. xoxo laura


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