Sunday, January 25, 2009

my friend, Z

I recently got a package of goodies from my friend, Z, (shown here with Nina Bagley) , short for Zhulia (pronounced Julia). I call her Z because when i first met her online my brain decided her name was prounounced Zoo-ya. after repeately introducing her to people and saying her name wrong (even though i knew better, my brain always does want it wants to), i finally asked her if i could just call her "Z". anyway, she sent me a wonderful box of treasures to unwrap and unfold. she made me a wonderful necklace, a truly lovely piece, for its meaning and how i know it came from deep within her heart.

She included a note, which i course, brought tears to my eyes.


Dear kiki (my nickname),

I have loved this picture of Tucker since you first posted it on your blog. I am touched by this picture- it also has snowball effect because then i think of you, your life, your art and the about how my life is richer for knowing you.

I am inspired every day by this picture; so that 's how this piece got started. i wanted to use the picture of tucker because i love it so- and how i labored over it! i don't think its my best- or my most beautiful - or my most ANYTHING! But it is the one that has my heart and soul in it. it is my tribute of your son for you. wear it in good health my friend.

all my best,



now you can see why it made me teary eyed. the thought of someone creating art of my son, really puts a lump in my throat. But Z understands loss and grief because she lost a child herself; a bond that makes us even closer.

she used a lovely worn old leather coin purse to build upon. there is the picture of Tucker that she loves. with all his adversity and challenges, his smile is infectious and heartwarming.


this summer Z and i went to Valley Ridge Art Studio and spent 3 days with Nina Bagley. here we learned how to do a cacoon wrap. Z is the queen of these - hers are always exquisite and cool!


a close up of Tucker's pic


Z also does incredible paper arts. she is a cutting fool! she made my name out of paper and stamps and added it to this metal piece. divine!


and lastly, she made this darling paper doll with the most beautiful skirt and in the my most favorite color too. the doll is on a stick and when you move her, her eyes dart back and forth!


also included was some more cacoon beads for me to use and create a necklace with. we are collaborating on a jewelry piece using her beads and then i go from there with them. that will be fun. i'll post that when the times comes. so thank you my friend, for the nicest, most thoughtful gifts.


  1. Thanks, Kiki, for all of your kind comments about the items that I sent to you! Glad you like them! And thanks for being such a great friend! Love ya!

  2. this brought tears to my eyes! z is a beautiful soul with spirit!

  3. Kecia,
    That necklace is just precious. Z does do great work. Love all the other goodies that came in the package. Thank you for sharing the note, it really does tug at the heart.
    Take Care

  4. OMG, Kecia! It brought tears to my eyes as well!

  5. Thank you for sharing. This really touched my heart. The friendship you and Z share is special and you're the most amazing women. I feel fortunate to know you both.


  6. keesha, i don't know whether to write a comment on your blog or to email z.
    she is wonderful and the piece she made in tribute to tucker is divine.
    i miss both of y'all so much.
    xoxo to you and to z.


  7. Really lovely - the art, and the both of you. It's a joy to know you both.

  8. What a Beautiful and Thoughtful Friend Z is. You are very Lucky. The Necklace is Wonderful.

  9. The gifts that Zhulia made for you are so beautiful. You are both so blessed to have found such a true and meaningful friendship.

  10. wow...I'm speechless! What wonderful gifts you received, and what a wonderful person Z is! Lucky you!!!

  11. you are a true gift to each other and i have so enjoyed spending a bit of time in the circle of your sweet spirits...because that is a sweet gift itself...

    amazing work Z!

    i think of you both often... to the next time i see you...

  12. OMG that just makes your heart swell. Treasure each other, you both are beautiful souls. I miss and love you both. Pam


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