Tuesday, January 27, 2009

well, i have my first getaway of the year planned. i'm heading to San Diego to take a class with Suzi Blu. we will be painting one of her precious girls only this girl will be a mermaid. sound like fun? there are still some seats available, so go check it out. i'm combining this visit again with meeting up with my mom, 2 doggies, my sister and my niece. we will play for 2 days, i'll have class for 2 days and then it is back home again. once i get home, i have a few days before Jane and i drive to Virginia for artnsoul. i am only taking one class on thursday and still need to sign up for it. what a slacker i have become! on friday, i am going to be helping Stephanie Lee out in her extended version of "junk metal drawer" (did i get that right? i am always saying that class wrong!) saturday i am keeping open as i might be doing vendor night there (but won't know this officially til March)


i made this doll, isn't she darling? i made her using the tutorial from Susan Tuttle's new book, Exhibition 36, mixed media demonstrations and explorations. the book is full of interesting artists. these dolls are created by Joanna Moss, of Moss Hill Studios, who i finally met in person last Oct. in Connecticut at Art is (their website is under going construction and will be up in March). Joanna does beautiful work and a matter of fact, she is looking to do some teaching local to her area in California. go over to her blog and see if you can give her some feedback on teaching. these dolls are very fun to make and i've done a few to give as gifts already.


Speaking of Art is, i was formally invited to teach there this year. isn't that exciting? i can't tell you what i am teaching, but i am working on 3 different class proposals to submit along with my approval letter. as their website goes up, i will post the information. the retreat is held in Oct. 9, 10 & 11 in Connecticut. i will be in Portland at Artnsoul for a few days before and then when i get back will head over there to teach.



  1. Wow, Kecia! You are keeping busy!

    I love Joanna's work and am dying to learn some of her techniques. She is so talented. I hope she does some online classes. The doll you made is ADORABLE! I'm going to have to open my Exhibition 36 book and get busy.

    You put your heart into everything you do and it shows! Continued success, my friend!


  2. Lucky girl! Isn't Suzi Blu a blast?! I'm hoping to go to a workshop when she's a bit closer. Wonderful that you'll get to visit some family too. Congratulations for you too about teaching!
    That doll is just to sweet for words! What is it with me and dolls anyway??? :]


  3. Very cool about the teaching. I hope to see you in Hampton.


  4. Oh Kecia, you made a fabulous doll! Congratulations on the upcoming classes you will be teaching :)

  5. Very cool you are starting to teach!!! And to be invited to teach...way to go!!!

    I just recently discovered Suzi Blu so I am officially jealous that you get to take a class with her! Have fun fun fun!!!

  6. BTW...just wanted to let you know...I've been leaving your blog up so I can listen to your playlist while I'm on the computer!!!

    DIGGIN' your ELO selections!!!! :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing the teaching info....Art Is in Conn. sounds great. I can't wait to hear more about it. Looking forward to your blog's new outfit!

  8. Look at the sweet face on that doll! She is adorable!!!


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