Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yummy receipe for dinner

don't know what to make for dinner? i just made a long forgotten receipe for stroganoff that my sister gave me years ago. it is quick and easy and YUMMY! here's what you need:
* ground turkey (use hamb if that is what you have on hand), but the turkey makes the dish!
* chopped onion (optional)
* 2 Tablespoons flour
* 1 can cream of chicken soup
* 1 cup plain yogurt (or use sour cream if you insist!)
* 1 package egg noodles
* cx broth
* spices like, garlic, salt, pepper
*optional: parmesan cheese
1) boil noodles
2) cook turkey and onions
3) add flour to turkey when finished cooking
4) mix together yogurt, cr. of cx soup, any spices you like and 1/4 cup cx broth (add more if you think the mixture is too thick for your liking) add to turkey and stir
5) cook on low til mixture is hot. serve over noodles.
6) i serve this with green beans and texas toast

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  1. omg~ sounds like another winner recipe cannot wait to try this out this weekend...xo


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