Friday, January 9, 2009


JoAnna of Moss Hill Studios is a having a blog giveaway for one of her awesome dolls. go to her blog and leave her a comment and you might win it! i've seen these dolls up close and personal when i was in Connecticut at Art is. (there was one doll she was selling that i was eyeballing, but someone else got it first!) they are so unique and there is something very comforting about them. even if i didn't get that doll, i am the proud owner of one of her necklaces which we traded with each other on vendor night.


Joanna's giveaway is based on wishes, as in "what do you wish for?" that's the second time in two days i've been posed that question, so i've been thinking about it and came up with a few things:

1) i wish for a healthy year for Tucker (and every year after that)

2) i want to start teaching art classes. got to figure out what to teach. got any suggestions?

3) i want to drive the coast of Calfornia from one end to the other (north to south, south to north, doesn't matter !)

4)and finally i want to go back into the mountains near Tucson, Arizona and stay at the Beatty guest ranch and photograph hummingbirds.

those are my wishes!


speaking of wishes, here is a little poem off of a tiny little picture i bought at the flea market recently:


That you may know long, happy days with blue skies and song of birds, and flower strewn fields, and mossy banks with bending willows ~

And peaceful nights with stars and soft moonlight and sweet dreams; with sometimes a thought and sometimes a dream of old, old friends.

isn't that so nice? i just love it. and speaking of flea markets..... it was only 20 degrees here today, but jeff and i decided to brave the flea market and yes, there were vendors there! (not many, but a few). i scored a box of bottles for soldered, embellished bottles, an old shaving kit thing, which i have no interest in the shaving things, but the zippered case it came in -distressed yummy, soft, leather perfect for deconstructing. let's see what else? a box of some sort, some metal flowers from a well worn, patina'd brass candle thingy, (1) tiny baby/doll? golf shoe (sounds weird, but really cute!), some spoons for jewelry, an 8x10 vintage baby photo and a fish made of mother of pearl - kind of interesting; maybe for an assemblage? it's about 7" long (see pic, which does not show how beautiful the mother of pearl is)


well, go figure - after posting about my wish for Tucker to have a healthy year, he woke up with a low grade fever, sneezing and coughing.


  1. Although you didn't ask me what I want I will tell you: I want all your wishes to become reality and for you to enjoy them in good health, happiness and laughter.

  2. Hey chickadee! What pretties! I love your wishes! I hope they all come true! I have a nephew named Tucker! hehe Hey where was your easter swap? I totally missed it huh? big mermaid hugs


  3. those are great wishes.. I would really have to think hard about what mine would be. I've no clue.. but if I only had a few, I would really want them to count. Maybe you should change the name of yours from "wishes" to "goals"!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy New Year Kecia and may all your wishes come true! Blessings on Tucker! California....BOTTOM TO TOP? So beautiful, I love that trip.

    Teaching yes! I am teaching 2 classes this year, one at Art and Soul and one at ArtFiberfest wow....I know you will be great.

    AZ yahee...that sounds fun!

    Your dolls are so cute...

  5. I'll be wishing for a healthy year for Tucker as well!
    Call me if you come to Tucson!

  6. I have a suggestion for a class topic that you might teach, and then again, you may not want to let the secrets out! I have done stained glass for ever. I want to make a charm or two, the soldered ones, so I bought myself the lead free solder, and I just cannot make it smooth, so there is something different going on. Different temp, different flux, something. There is a class for you! If you teach it, I would surely like to know about it!


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