Sunday, January 4, 2009

altars and Memory Mondays

i was blog hopping the other day and ended up reading around Cathleen's blog, Urban Rosary and her topic was about altars. she showed some great pictures of altars belonging to her Aunt Vicky and another family friend. So as i was looking at, i realized, that i had an altar of my own of religious statues, but really hadn't realize i was building an altar. I was not raised Catholic and do not know alot about these statues, and like Cathleen, i find them mysterious, interesting and beautiful all at the same time, so i started collecting them as i came across them at flea markets. my interest in them isn't necessarily religious, but more spiritual in nature.

in an way though, even if you aren't using these type of religious statues, i think also, the little "vinettes" that we create are types of altars. Altars of comfort i'd like to think. they are usually pretty little things that bring us joy. we like to photograph them and share them on our blogs. so what kind of altars have you created?

Well it's about time! i'm finally getting back to Memory Monday's - boy that was a long hiatus, wasn't it? i 'm not sure if we will be doing it every Monday, but more likely one random Monday every month (so i don't run out of topics!). feel free to add this little widget to your blog if you'd like to particpate in Memory Monday's. what it was - was i would post a topic and TRY to find a picture to relate to it (not required though, as some of you don't have access to your old pictures, scanners, or whatever!) then i would share my memory and so would you! all you need to do after reading my memory is to leave a comment so that anyone participating can go read your memory. some of my friends without blogs were leaving their memories in the comment section and that is fine too! i hope you'll play along - winter is dull, boring and blah and this would be a fun way to connect as we hibernate! it is also really fun reading the different stories about our childhood memories. so look for a post tomorrow on the topic of "a childhood memory related to snow"

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  1. loved your pics of your altar - little did I know I have created many altars of sorts all over my house too! I just can't help myself when it comes to vignettes
    hope you had a wonderful holiday season! :)


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