Thursday, January 1, 2009

swapping necklaces

here's the necklace that my friend, Maija made for me in the necklace swap we did together with our other friend, Kim. Maija used a piece of costume jewelry and then added a pewter wrapped tile that she covered in mica and then added some finishing nails . isn't it cool? it is very festive and looked so pretty when i wore it with a red top. she also put a little bird dangly by the clasp cuz she knows i adore birds. thanks again, Maija, i know you how hard you worked on this for me.

here is the necklace that my friend, Amy, made for me. another beautiful necklace. We decided to do a swap and then we would give them to each other when were in California for Cindy Forrestor's class. Unfortunately for Amy, she wasn't able to attend last minute, so we did our exchange later when i got back home. we both did soldered necklaces. she did a bird for me, but used a piece of beveld glass with dimension. i really like how she used 3 different chains on my necklace - it really funks it up. thanks amy!


  1. Kecia....
    These are lovely!
    Happy New Year..

  2. pretty, pretty! it is sure fun to start the new year with new treasures.

  3. So glad you liked it, hopefully we can synch up and make a class together in '09!

    Happy New Year!

  4. SOOOO love Maija! Gorgeous necklaces!


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