Monday, November 10, 2008

tucker's party

tucker really enjoys it when we sing happy birthday. he doesn't see well - he is very auditory - so this is his favorite. he gets this wide eyed look because we are all singing to him and then he starts cracking up.


  1. it's almost like being there - fun to see janet too - happy birthday, darling tucker - i love you - grandma patti

  2. I just love the look of joy all over him! Bless him he is truly a sweetheart and you have done a wonderful job at keeping him happy, believe me, it shows. He made me smile just looking at the photos.

  3. The cake is adorable and you guys look gorgeous. His cracking up is contagious since I'm sitting here with a big grin as well. Glad everyone had a terrific time!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tucker from Music City! Looks like you guys had a fun party to celebrate!
    brenda bliss

  5. Happy Birthday to Tucker! Yay for singing and cupcakes cuz that is totally what birthdays are ALL about!

  6. Hey, around here we sing ...

    This is your birthday song ...
    It isn't very long ...

    And then we all laugh - because it's the most ridiculous birthday song, but we still always sing it, and because I think we just can't wait to get to the cake and presents so the song's gotta be short! ;^)

    Happy Birthday Tucker!!!

    That cupcake looks yummy, hope you enjoyed it.

    PS Kecia - Love how your necklace turned out. Last time I saw it, it was just a heart. It's sooo pretty!

  7. Tell Tucker I'm Singing him Happy Happy Birthday and many more!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Tucker, I love his smile!!! He just radiates light.

    xoxo Cindy

  9. Love these striped candles! And I can see the joy in both Tucker's and your faces! Glad to see that Tucker had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful Mom, too!

  10. that is some cupcake! looks like he really enjoyed it AND you are a proud mama!!xo

  11. Wow - what a smile - so joyful. Happy birthday.

  12. Those last 2 pics. cracked me up lol ! Wow, his eyes look so intense and soooo happy. There's obviously a lot of love :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tucker xooooooo

  13. Happy Birthday Tucker! He looks so very happy :) Loved by all of you, a cupcake and striped candles, too.
    He does just radiate light, like Cindy says.
    xo Lidy


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