Tuesday, November 4, 2008

catching up - jewelry class with cindy

on the first day of classes with Cindy Forrestor, we learned how to create how our own bezels using silver sheet and design wire. cindy was so patient and worked her butt off through out the day helping students solder. what a trooper she was.

here's Cindy during her soldering demo

Jamie and Theresa, my seat mates and weekend pals
here's the fabulous, Heather Bullard. not only is she super talented, but oh so nice and a generous soul.

here's my finished piece from Cindy's class. that's a picture of my mom and grandma in my heart bezel.


  1. What a beautiful piece! Your a natural!

  2. just beautiful, Keesh! well done!!!

  3. This looks like so much fun and I see some familiar faces! Thanks so much for all your sweet messages on my blog! Hang in there with finding like-minded artist souls to play with. It took me a really long time to find people... YOU will! If you have any scrapbooking shops those are great places to start with!

    All the best,

  4. i just love that cindy and kecia your piece is absolutely GORGEOUS~~
    everything is perfect with it!! your should be so so proud!!xo

  5. your necklace is just gorgeous. i'm a sentimental fool so the picture of your sweet mama and grandmama is just the best thing to have around your throat, in my opinion. and that cindy is just too cute up there soldering with her glasses on.

  6. Im so Glad one of us has Something So Beautiful to show from that day! LOL.. You really did a Beautiful Job.

  7. Your necklace came out so very wonderful! You are the star pupil.:)

    Me? I'm still in the sand and cut stage. Thanks for giving me an example of something to aspire to, Kecia.
    xo Lidy

  8. Great necklace! It must have been such a fun class.


  9. Your necklace is beautiful, Kecia. I had so much fun spending the weekend with you, we'll have to do it again.


  10. That looks like such a fabulous class! And your piece is beautiful!!!!

  11. that is a really amazing necklace, I love it!

  12. Awesome job Kecia, love what you did!!!!Most of the people that had the sterling silver sheet that day were able to solder and move right on with it...that was a shame that everyone did not have that information. Hence me working my butt off!!! But I enjoyed each and every one of the ladies there.

  13. Absolutely love the necklace you designed in Cindy's class!!! You are really going to town on your bottles. How fun to use them to showcase your frozen charlottes. Hoping you are feeling better today, sweet Kecia, after your surgery. Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all to examine ourselves on a regular basis.


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