Thursday, November 27, 2008

Calgon take me away

Last night after finishing getting things ready for today, I decided to take a nice hot shower and lay down and watch some tv. i needed to chill and relax after hearing the news of my friend, Leeanne. But in this house, there isn't much time to be sad, let alone relax, as Dillon comes gets me a short time later and says, the dogs have been skunked. (yes, please roll your eyes with me) turns out it was just Gracie who got it. Yeah, I really want to be smelling and dealing with skunk at 11:30 at night. there is no rest for the weary. so a scrubby bath in the sink she got with bleach soap and hydrogen peroxide (boy is her coat white today). i think she really only got hit in the face, so today she doesn't smell too bad. to top it off, Tucker woke up sick this morning, so i've been with him since 4am. it is time for a nap before i finish cooking dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving !


  1. . . . and i thought i was exhausted today! here's hoping you get that well-deserved nap in - even if it has to be tomorrow *smiles*. happy thanksgiving kecia! xo sherry

  2. I hope things have settled down and Tucker is feeling better, the dog smells better and you got some well deserved rest.


  3. Oh dear! there are days that it doesn't pay off to get out of bed, but I am sending you smiles and hugs to help through this. Have a great show and I hope Tucker is better tomorrow.

  4. Hi I am checking in... I am sorry but you made me laugh...I know about those days...Sending good thoughts your way.


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