Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my dad!

today is my dad's birthday - he lives in Nevada where he retired from the Navy. i don't get to see him often, but i sure wish i did. love you dad!

here's dad as a little guy

dad and my stepmom, Angie, on a visit to NJ. he and jeff put up this fence, arbor and gate (they painted it white)

dad and my niece, Erika, when she was little

dad helping dillon out with some math homework (it is common knowledge that i am horrible at math)

dad and angie at the dog beach in Manasquan, NJ



  1. happy Birthday to your dear sweet Dad!! I am so impressed with your CHristmas tree....already!! You are right.... it comes too quickly and is over too soon.

    Warm wishes,

  2. love those pictures...very nice to post about his birthday, you really are wonderful!

  3. nice pics! I wish your dad a very happy birthday:)

  4. Happy birthday, Kecia's dad!

    Love the little by picture... precious!


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