Monday, November 24, 2008

snowman family

i've been quite busy getting ready for the holidays. busy making things and busy doing shows. i have about a weekish until my next show, so i'll try to make a few more things. i also have so many things to add into my etsy shoppe. i've been every negligent about that; since i despise going thru the process of listing items! for some reason it just drives me crazy. i made a little snowman family to represent my family. they are sitting out on a old sewing cabinet that is near the Christmas tree. the snowchick above is me as i always i find it quite stylish to wear a hat with a Christmas tree sticking out of it and a bird sitting on top (and of course the band has to be made of pearls!)

this guy represents Dillon


this is jeff and i; although, jeff's snowman is going to get a scrooge hat real soon


and here's my little tuckey. do you like his wheelchair?


and here's the family holiday photo!



  1. Hi Kecia just checking in love your frosty family!! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.
    xoxoxo Laura

  2. Too adorable for words. Now, dish girl why is Jeff getting the S hat?
    I love the entire idea of a snowpeople family rendered this way.
    You are doing some really imaginative things and I love them.

  3. now this is just too too precious!!! xo

  4. Such a cute family! I love Tucker's wheelchair and Dillon's skateboard - and your pearls-and-tree hat!

  5. darling - tucker's wheelchair takes top honors! love, mom

  6. OMG! if that isn't the cutest, I don't know what IS!

  7. you are so amazingly creative! i love your snowman family! happy thanksgiving to you adn your family!

  8. Your snow family is enchanting. And, I really like your postcard for advertising.



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