Monday, November 17, 2008

decorating is done

the past few years it seems like we have rushed to get our tree, hurried to get it up and then next thing you know, Christmas was over and it was time to take the tree down. well this year, i decided to decorate early so that we had time to enjoy it. i spent a few hours here and there last week putting things out and then yesterday, me, dillon and Samantha spent the afternoon trimming the tree (jeff made cookies and cut bezels for me while we decorated).
last year after i spent an afternoon putting lights on the tree, i thought to myself, i am really not enjoying this. i was tired of the keeping a real tree alive, watering it, the smelly water, needles everywhere - so in that moment, i declared "we are getting a fake tree next year". there was alot of grumbling about it, but hey, i'm the one doing most of the work and i'm tired of it! so a fake tree was found last year at Costco and stored away until this year. it is a beautiful tree, prelit and easy to put up. i simply said, "jeff could you bring in the tree?" and we were ready to go. easy peezee! the tree looks little in the picture, but it is big, around 7'.5". we filled it up with every possible ornament and i have to say, it is really beautiful. i enjoy looking at it and i enjoy it more knowing i don't have to worry if it is dying or not. (like 2 years ago when my tree was brittle before Christmas even arrived.)
here is my lovely angel ornament sitting on the tree


  1. oh kecia~this is a beautiful tree !a perfect picture and your angel is the crowning touch!!

  2. beautiful tree kecia! Actually I cant tell that its not real! and your little angel is sweet! I cant do it yet.. I have to wait til the day after thanksgiving or my poor husband would be miserable!

  3. Your tree is beautiful! The angel you made is gorgeous. I think I'd find a place for her year round.

    I went with the fake tree too. Much safer than the real thing. I'm not sure I'm going to put mine up though. Maybe after Thanksgiving I'll be more in the spirit.

  4. Your tree is really beautiful Kecia. I'm hoping this year I will not fall into depression and can put out my decorations and the tree. I haven't done so in 8 years! Just typing that is making me feel ill inside. I've got to get it together.

  5. What a happy tree! I tend to feel overwhelmed during the holiday season as well. Perhaps, I'll send my Favorite Guy into the garage and get the season started earlier this year too. Thanks for the brilliant idea.

  6. Wow Girl! I have to say when Ive been walking the dogs this week Ive noticed one house after another with their holiday lights up. With the way life is I think whatever makes you Happy do!!! Jamie

  7. (imagine Australian accent here) Good on ya, gal!
    I can't even imagine doing all of that - I'm like Sherry - haven't decorated in eight my case, since the divorce. It's usually like, what's the point?
    But anyway, I love your angel ornaments!!!!

  8. What an uplifting way to get through the winter. Love love love the angels you make. xo

  9. Hey... get in the spirit.. heck keep the tree up till Easter if it makes you happy. I am trying to get my little shop ready for Christmas tonight...Your tree is beautiful!!!
    xoxo laura

  10. I remember a time when I SWORE I would NEVER have a fake tree...ha!! Jokes on me- I LOVE my fake tree!! We went 'fake' about three years ago and it is so nice to take out the prewired tree and have it up in 5 minutes!

    and no more needles until June...and like you said- fire worries and so on...and I like your idea to put up the tree early.

    I love your army of angels. Very sweet and a great use for the Frozen Charlottes!

  11. The tree looks lovely and the angel is beautiful. Good for you for putting up someChristmas joy early.


  12. Couldn't tell it was fake. Though those trees of today are nothing like the fake trees from years past. This way it is able to be put up and decorated much earlier and enjoyed with out the messy maintenance of a real tree. Love your little angel you made.


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