Monday, July 30, 2007

New banner and Pepper update

We just got home from the vet - after some blood work, lyme's was the diagnosis. not surprising with the tick population we have here. he suggested in a few weeks, if she is feeling better to have her and our other dogs innoculated for the disease. i didn't even realize there was an innoculation! so she's home and back in her comfy chair on her "blankie".
So here is my new banner by Susan Tuttle (see link on right side). we worked together using my photos, likes and dislikes, a few changes and viola! i love it! she is working on my new Etsy logo as well. tell me what you think!


  1. Glad to hear Pepper is doing better. Love yur new banner.

  2. well you know i love that banner!! it is so you of course...sweet pepper is on the mend...

  3. yes, i was happy that pepper just got off her chair by herself and went out with the other dogs. when she came back in, she went to the water bowl. all good signs!

  4. Yes what a beautiful banner Kecia ! And I'm feeling such relief about sweet Pepper. She has such the wee smoochable face :)

  5. Your banner is just one delicious piece of gorgeousness!!! And darling Pepper...who could NOT love that face. Poor darling.

    Best ~ Rella

  6. Love your new banner! Very you.


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