Thursday, July 26, 2007

Soldered Tiara class at "Absolutely Everything", Topsfield, MA

After attending Artiscape in May, i was really motivated to take more classes, but wanted to find something closer to me in NJ (Artiscape is in Ohio) - so i was searching the web for Tim Holtz classes and found that he was teaching some classes in August in Boston at a store called "Absolutely Everything". So i signed up for all of them (8 classes). I've driven to Boston before, it takes about 5 hours from Jersey. So anyway, i signed up for Kate's store newsletter; so when i got the newsletter about her soldered tiara class, i signed up right away. it is a 2 part class, with tonight being our first class. it was quite fun. there were 5 of us, plus Kate. Her store is ginourmous! (isn't that the new word they just added to the dictionary?) it was 2 rooms chalked full of goodies! it was an altered artists idea of heaven! so many things to look at and so many things i wanted to buy! check out Kate's website for fun ( - she isn't doing online ordering yet, but coming in the future. she has so many different vendors that when it is up and running, it will be one stop shopping!
Tonight we worked on making our charms for our tiaras. we made 11 charms plus one diamond charm for a centerpiece. some of the girls got their charms soldered, but i barely got mine taped, as i was meticulously designing my charms! i'll do some work on them this week before the next class next Thursday. Kate had some great tips for soldering, things i didn't know, so it will be cool to try them out. might make soldering a little easier. she learned all she knows by taking 4 classes with Sally Jean Alexander (lucky her). i was able to get one class with her in Oregon in October, so that should be fun. next week i will take more pictures from the class when there is more progress of the tiaras coming together.
p.s. not sure why the photos are blurry - the originals are not blurry. i've noticed this a few times when i posted to blogspot. and then eventually they clear up. who knows?


  1. tiara!! i am so jealous!! cannot wait to see the finished product...

  2. Dream Inspire and create. These words sum up my life and my dreams. Well tiara is my favorite all time accessory and i am sure this class would have been so much fun. Can not wait to see what you ended up making.


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