Monday, July 30, 2007

here's what i've been making and another Pepper update

Since i hadn't been doing much art since returning from Alaska (the time change plus the 18-hour days of sunlight were brutal on my body clock!) - i've finally gotten back to making somethings. i think i am back on east coast time now! so, i made another altered doll with 2 bed springs, wove in some pearls, made a skirt from sheet music and flowers, added a dragonfly paperclip and then some metal wings in the back.
then i made 2 charms (the twins) for Artnsoul. one for me and one for my friend, Jan. Jan is making us necklaces and that will be the center piece. then the rest of the necklace we will use to add all our charms from the charm swap! it will be so pretty! the face for the "twins" charms, is a picture of Jan's mother. it is such a sweet picture, i couldn't resist using it!
lastly i was goofing around and decided to make something from the wine cork i found. i had fun just using what i had on hand to create her. i just added the wings which i cut out of a metal altoid tin using tin snips. then i soldered the edges so they weren't sharp. you can fold back the edges too, but takes too long in my opinion. was quicker to solder the edges and viola!
and Pepper is having a much better afternoon. she's gone outside twice on her own and then is going over to the water dish. she still can't jump back up into her "chair" ( a nice leather recliner where her blankie lays on top of). she sort of adopted this chair as her own and finds comfort there. anyway, i still have to help her get into her chair. day by day!
I appreciate all your nice thoughts and comments towards Pepper. It is apparent that bloggers are dogs/animal lovers! thanks for all the good wishes and kisses for her. she appreciated them all. she is doing so much better tonight.


  1. That cork girl is THE BOMB!!!
    I love her and kudos to you for having such an amazing imagination - you outdid yourself on this one!
    And the twin charms - oh, girlfriend, they're amazing!!
    Hope the necklaces your friend Jan is making is worthy of them.


  2. The cork doll is a treasure, as is everything you do. You really make the coolest dolls. The necklaces are going to be beautiful.

  3. Love the cork doll, very nice. You really brought together so many nice materials. Lovely.

  4. I am new here and love your work. You can be sure I will be visiting often.
    fondly, Nancy

  5. Your little bottle cap dolls are precious! :)

  6. hi all! glad to have new visitors! it seems the "cork" doll is quite a fanciful project!


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