Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flea Market today (and going back tomorrow too!)

So here 's the goodies i found today.

picture #1 - a beautiful large pink glass button

picture #2 - vintage metal container of baby densitin. love old metal containers.
picture #3 - little toys (cute), cracker jack toy, mini salt and pepper shaker

picture #4 - metal jacks, small fish, dog pin

picture #5- 4 small metal claw feet - what are they? no idea, but they are cool!
picture#6 - vintage microscope slides -one box has numbers etched (by hand) into the glass.
picture #7 - box of buttons (for $2!) and a child's toy hammer.


  1. my ninja, LOVE AND COVET the microscope slides! Great find!!
    Hadn't checked out your blog in a while so thought I would tonight since I'm JUST SITTING HERE not moving!
    I've got to get as busy as you seem to have been!!

  2. I am drooling over your recent finds. Good stuff, Maynard!


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