Saturday, July 28, 2007

my blog and esty banner are getting a facelift!

So today i was just searching around and ended up a Rella of FaerieLuna's blog ( i contacted her after totally loving her banner (in both her blog and etsy store ). She was so sweet and got back to me right away and told me that Susan Tuttle of designed it for her.

So i contacted Susan and now we are in the process of designing my banner for my blog and for my etsy shoppe. i wanted to incorporate the images of my art dolls (using the rusty bed springs), add some stitching and some birds, plus the title (um Lemoncholy's!) and pick out my colors, etc... so i am very excited!

by the way..... the other night in the soldered tiara class as i was telling the other girls about my business name, Lemoncholy's, someone asked, where did that name come from? and i said, well, i was watching a lovely english movie (of which the title i never knew). it took place in the twenties (maybe...) and it was about 4 women who rented this place over the summer. during the movie, one of the ladies said, "I am feeling a little lemoncholy". and i just loved it!

so anyway, a couple of the girls at class, said; that sounds like "Enchanted April", which sure enough is the movie! Now, i have to add this though - i've been known to "remember things wrong"..... so now that i've been telling people that the woman said "i'm feeling Lemoncholy", instead of meloncholy - i've often wondered to myself - now did she say that, or is this one of those times where i am remembering it wrong! lol. anyway, my intentions were good regardless of what she ended up saying! and i am sure you all have moments where you remember something wrong? unfortunately it happens to me alot - but i take it in stride and laugh at myself when i do it. my son always laughs at me about the "Jackass" movie, because i always think the title is "dumbass". also, i get things mixed up or backwards - classic example - that game where you say "who won the race?" and then as you punch the person in the arm, you say "Charley horse". well, (and i've never lived it down since) - i tried to do the game with my son and said "who won the charley race?" you can imagine the snickers........ you get the picture.... i should just stick to altering art!


  1. Oh I am so happy you got in touch with will have that piece of gorgeousness up in no time. I cannot wait to see it.

    Thank you for the sweet mention of my blog....very unexpected. You are quite precious!!

    Best ~ Rella xox

  2. I look forward to seeing your new banner. Your tiara class sounds really cool (I'm taking a class from Sally Jean in September and am hoping to get much needed soldering help). How cool that you're going to be taking some Tim Holtz classes.


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