Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hubard glacier

after Hoonah, we headed to Hubard Glacier. we woke up in the morning as we were cruising close to the glacier. there was ice all over the ocean. It was very titanic! as we got closer, the chunks of ice, got bigger. due to an earthquake somewhere around the glacier, the ship was able to get in really close to the glacier. as we sat watching the glacier, we were told to look out for calving. the ship had brought in a professor from the University of Alaska, who teaches classes on the glaciers. he was up front with us, educating about the glacier. it was really interesting. we were told to look out for "calving"; which was when the ice breaks away from the glacier. first you would hear a sound that sounded like somone was hitting a metal pipe. then if you looked toward the sound, you would eventually see pieces falling off. i wish i could remember the measurements of the glacier, because it was ENOURMOUS.

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