Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random pictures from Artnsoul

Melissa Merrill models her soldered tiara

Michael deMeng and Keith LoBue before their class. i think i have a crush on keith's smile!


me and Janene, from Paperdoll, discovered we bought the same hat. how cute r we?


wall mural outside of Scrap- cool recycling store in Portland.

Dale Wigley passes by with great flair


kissey time with Pam


this is how nerdy we are - playing with our phones and ipods during happy hour


a "Collage" view from the elevators. Maria did such an excellent job on her store.

Pam takes a pic of me while i take a pic of her and Z


demo time with Nina


our cute bartender, Rocky, at the Sheraton (notice his matching bobble head doll)


busy elevators during Artnsoul



  1. you take the best pictures at your retreat!!

  2. oh my!! looks like you had a maaahhhveluuss time ;)

    you look ohhhh so pretty~

    I am in love with the photo of Keith & Micheal hangin out on the couch~

    xo!! ~Bella


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