Tuesday, October 14, 2008

antiquing and lunch with Allegra and Barry. aren't they adorable?

new and old friends

the longer piece was my finished necklace from Nina's 2 day class. i was happy to finally finish it!


my piece from Lisa Kaus's "gridlocked" - fun class!!!!

me and the adorable, Abigail, Glenny's granddaughter


drinks with friends. me and barry here


denise, me, allegra, laurel and pam


another rowdy bunch


last day of class - a 2 day class with Judy and we were all exhausted by the last day. we made a beautiful book called, "Just in case". me and Z saying goodbye.


  1. great pictures with good friends...love your jewelry that you had on..what is that button necklace?? you know my love of old buttons....

  2. Adorable? my my my! only through the eyes of love someone would call me adorable. But he is a prince, so he is adorable and so are you to us. I love the photo of the two of you. I am stealing it.


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