Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentine's Stocking

This is a stocking i 've made for my neice, Erika. i cut a stocking shape out of red felt. i put some paper elements together plus the vintage valentine's card and started sewing. isn't the vintage silver fringe to die for? i found it a thrift store. there wasn't enough to go all the way around, so i sewed some paper hearts on the area that was fringless. in each corner in the opening of the stocking i sewed some fushcia feathers that had fallen off a hat of my grandmother's. she use to wear it to tea parties. when my grandmother died, Erika, my sisters and my mom scattered her ashes in Bass Lake and Erika was wearing the hat during the ceremony. i now have the hat which resides on top of my manikin. (i'll have to take a picture of that!) over the felt i put some fushcia tulle and sewed that on top. i left a little opening and then poured in some pink confetti stars before sewing it closed. i wanted it to sort of look like a snow globe, since Erika likes those.


  1. Hi, wow you are organised, valentines stuff already. I haven't got over christmas yet! Looks lovely.

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  3. your Valentine stocking is adorable and a very clever idea.



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