Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i added these to my etsy shoppe today

I made these in October for the black friday show i did. they didn't sell (well, i sold two of the five i made) and i never got around to listing them in my etsy shoppe until today! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5072419 . Listing items on etsy takes forever, so it really isn't my favorite thing to do. i wish they'd make it a little easier to do a listing.

anyway, they are night lights and quite cute. (like the night light i am taking to Artfest).


  1. Kecia -

    Those are great! I especially love the GUM(BY, dammit) one. (Sorry - too many memories of Eddie Murphy as the green one!) See you managed to make a clickable link too! Yea! :)

    I'm kinda of missing the pimped out Christmas version of you blog. This is nice, but I really liked the Christmas look.

  2. I LOVE the PLAY one. It would be simply perfect in my son's room. I will add it to my list of things I am saving money to buy. Hopefully I will hit the lottery before somone else steals it away!!

  3. Yet again, more wonderful creations ! Those look fun :)

    Hey, did you know that you can make your Etsy listing and then save it to list when you're ready ?

    When you reach the Finish page, just copy the link in the address bar and paste it somewhere on your computer ( for me it's on my Notebook in my Etsy file ).It's great because you can go and edit your listing anytime before actually listing it ( found this to be a pain, everytime I listed an item I always found something to have to edit, taking away important time from the front page ).
    Hope all that made sense, I'm terrible with writing out instructions lol !

    It was Littleputbooks who posted this info in one of the forums.

    Take care, Tracy :)

  4. I love these! So cute. The my favorite is the family one. I love all the game pieces. What a great idea! A shadow box style with a light!

  5. I love the night lights...all of your work is so creative and unique.

  6. good luck in your shop! these are just neat!


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