Friday, January 4, 2008

nest walk

My husband and i (and Kirby) decided to take a walk over to where some new construction is beginning. That lot has been trees ever since we moved here in 1995, so it is really sad to see them coming down - to make way for over sized, no personality, ugly mcmansions; to be filled with 3 car garages with Humeers and Escalades. the state is crowded enough as it is, but let's build more houses! at this point, i don't know where the deer will go from here. maybe they'll head to the quarry area behind my house.

but anyway, we decided to go look around to see if we could find any nests. we looked in the trees that were taken down already and we went through the trees that were slated to go down next. we ended up finding 5 nests - and i'm sure there is plenty more! I was happy to remove them from the carnage of bulldozers and fallen trees.


  1. good job on saving those nests, you are good people and i feel the same as you where does all the wildlife go?? it really makes me so sad.....but i know you will take care of any orphans!!

  2. Happy New Year! I had some problems with my browsers and thus internet but my brother is taking care of it for me so I'll soon be online again:)

    Glad someone is saving the nests! Go you" Sorry to hear they are tearing trees down. They plan on doing the same in the area next to our house later this year so we are curious what will happend to the deer too. But deer are good at adapting. The ones in our area have become pretty ok with humans around as long as they are left in peace:) One will lie around each winter and watch my dad chop wood. They are cute:) And at least does we have don't do any damange to the house/garden, unlike what some of the badgers do.

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  4. Ain't it pathetic how much building is going on here? I swear - vacant/wooded lots are an endangered species. Can't sell the pre-existing houses, so let's build more overprice McMansions. *sigh*

    We've got a five-year plan to get out of our house here (inland) and move to a shore town. Yea, it's only 10 miles, but since we spend so much time there, might as well live there.

    Although I do like the occasional wildlife we get in our yard, despite being in a subdivision. Deer, raccoons, possum, hawks, vultures (!) - just to name a few. The bad part is the dogs bark to let me know something's out back. Not fun when one's sleeping.

    Have a great weekend...

  5. five nests in one afternoon, what a lucky outing. i put my nests in the microwave for just a couple of seconds to kill any wee bird parasites - ick.

    thanks for the lovely and caring comment on my blog, it was so nice.

  6. What treasures you've found !

    It is always sad to see trees come down, even dead ones. Around here there's be an influx of condos and shopping centers. One of my fav. homes was taken away so the space could be filled in with more new shopping center. I am unhappily amazed at how many rezoning signs have been popping up in the last year alone, it makes me wonder if we'll ever find the home we would like ( with a real backyard, lots of trees and neighbors who live farther than 4 feet away ! ).
    At least I am thankful we have a small forest behind our little place and the ocean about 3 minutes away. To hear an owl at 2 a.m. is spooky and dreamy, to see squirrels and a rabbit or two a delight, and the hummingbirds can be quite a hoot ! I think everyone needs a bit of forest in their lives.


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