Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Belated Christmas gift arrived!

I received a box the other day from my art sister/blogger buddy, Sandra of The Warehouseartchix, http://warehouseartchix.typepad.com/warehouseartchix/2008/01/index.html, and in it was the lovely painting she did of me holding a bird, sorrounded by flowers and another bird perching in my hair. how beautiful is this? i absolutely LOVE it! the colors combinations she chose are perfect. i love looking at it and i love the fact that my friend painted it and while she painted it she thought of me, what i looked like, my hair (check out those fabo highlights!), my love for birds and gardening. to me it represents peace and serenity. thank you Sandra for such a thoughtful, personal gift.


  1. So glad you liked your present! It looks like it has a wonderful new home!!-Sandra

  2. I want one!!! THAT is soooo gorgeous!!!!


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