Wednesday, November 21, 2007

try this stuffing receipe!

are you bored with your stuffing? have i got a receipe for you!

Kecia's Thanksgiving Stuffing:

bag of stuffing (follow directions on bag)
5-6 celery diced
2-3 yellow onion - diced
can cashews - crushed
2-3 granny smith apple - diced

*the night before Thanksgiving, I diced up my onions, cashews,apples and celery. And by dicing, i diced them quite thin. I put them all in a bowl and then add olive oil, chicken broth, salt, pepper, minced garlic, a dash or two of cayenne pepper, a tiny splash of vinegar (apple or cider - doesn't matter). Basically i flavor the heck out of it!

*in the morning, the first thing i do is start cooking the bacon. it is tradition in this house to smell bacon the second you wake up on Thanksgiving morning. save a little bit of bacon grease.

next sautee the goodies you diced the evening before. i sautee in olive oil and butter. sautee them til they are no longer crunchy, but soft.

next, add the bacon and a teaspoon of bacon grease to the sautee items.

cook up stuffing according to directions and then add all ingredients.

put in a casserole dish and bake (do not add to turkey). i like to bake the stuffing at 350 and wait until the top of the stuffing gets really pretty brown.

give it a try and let me know what you think!

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