Sunday, November 25, 2007

day 25, thirty days of thanks continues.......

Today i am thankful for my art friends! As i leave for Pennsyvlania tomorrow to visit yet another art friend, Jean; i am thankful for their generosity and welcoming arms. Jean was a member of the Artnsoul Charmsters group. We held a big swap (50 members) and she was one of them. She lives in Mechanicsville, PA, about 3 hours from here. So recently we were emailing and discussing Artnsoul in Hampton, Virginia, when we hatched a plan for me to drive and see her and do art things for 3 days (well, and some shopping)! We even get to take her golf cart out for a ride in the woods! But, my point is, is that how cool is it that i get to go see her. Like the time i got to go out and see Kim in Ohio for my birthday. That was so fun and great to see her again. I think it'd be fun to map out a fantasy trip to go visit all my blog/art friends and make my way across the country.


  1. Have a wonderful time in Pennsylvania.


  2. Well, you can be sure you have a place to stay here in Phoenix, and an open invitation!
    Think about coming to this summer!

  3. wow, if only i had known i could had made arrangements to meet the both of you in pa..this blogging world is so cool...ove you and have a safe trip!


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