Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 12, thirty days of thanks continues......

today i am thankful for birds! i have loved birds for such a long time. i love to call myself a bird nerd. i want to have a tshirt made that says "bird nerd" along with a cute photo of a bird. i really enjoy photographing them. it is always a thrill when i see a bird i don't have a photo of. here i am sharing with you some of my favorite bird photos that i have taken.


  1. ohhhhh, jja, i love those photos. you've shown a couple of them to me before but i don't think i would ever grow tired of seeing them. i, too, adore birds.
    my favorite of this selection, the one that made me go, "ohhhhhh", is the wee light gray one in the snow with it's little head cocked to the side.
    i love it. thanks for sharing your photos! jan

  2. Wow your photos are fabulous.

  3. Waxwings are my favorite. That's a great photo!

  4. That makes me want to paint birds!! Love those photos, and I agree with jan, that one made me say ohhhh to!!-Sandra


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