Tuesday, November 27, 2007

day 27, thirty days of thanks continues....

Still over in Pennsylvania and today i am thankful that i have found a kindred spirit and she is only 3 hours away! i know i discussed her yesterday, but today added another notch on the belt when we went dumpster diving - literally! we went through a dumpster where some good things had been tossed away. things that we can recycle into our art! (and also things that some of you would think, why are you taking that so i'm not going to bother mentioning what we got....) but it was great fun. here 's a pic of Jean digging.

also, here's a picture of an awesome garden gate i picked up at an antique store for $25. i'm going to put it in my garden!

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  1. Yay for dumpster diving! I haven't done it, exactly, but I did pick up a couch off a curb once and cleaned and recovered it! :)


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