Wednesday, November 7, 2007

day 7, 30 days of thanks continues....

Today i am thankful for the ability to dream about things. not dream as in sleeping, mind you, but dreaming/hoping/wishing, etc. Like some people dream of winning the lottery. Ever since my husband showed me this property for sale, i've been dreaming about this house. I find myself thinking about it and thinking of how awesome it would be to have this property and all the space that comes with (i think it's like 12 acres or something!) this property is chocked full awesomeness! i don't want to describe it too much, because i want you to take a second and look at it. look at the pictures and dream with me! take a look at the second picture - that would be my studio! okay, now that you're curiousity is maxed out, here is the link: - and also notice the guest cottage where i would put all my friends up! wouldn't this place make an awesome art retreat? so since artfest is taken, artnsoul is taken, artunraveled is taken, artiscape is taken, artnest is taken - what shall we call this fantasy art retreat? how about Deveney's Divinities? (wow, that should be my next business name!) i want your input here!


  1. *thud*

    That's the sound of my jaw hitting the ground. Simple gorgeous. I can see why you've been dreaming about it.

    I couldn't believe the asking price either. Don't get much for that amount in Jersey, eh? I'm sure property taxes are much better, too! But where exactly is it? Off to Google maps.

    I love it, Kecia. Thanks for sharing with us... I hope your dream comes true someday.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Like Marci my jaw dropped too! Surely that can not be the asking price - there has to be a catch. It seems too good to be true.
    What a fabulous dream to have.

  3. I love your 30 days of Thanks. I wish I would have thought of it...I will have to do a blog or two about thanks.
    It's been great to follow along.

  4. Wow--I just checked out that link, talk about dream home!

  5. Wow, Kecia! What a great place at such a reasonable price! It would be a perfect for an art retreat! Go for it girl!

    are so important ..

    "when you give up your dreams, you die"

    I believe that.
    fondly, Deena

    I'm doing 30 days of thanks too!! it's
    a way to focus on ALL our blessings!!

  7. Kecia! You SO have to do this! This property is perfect. That entertainment room and studio with office is so cool for an art retreat. YES - we easterners have to have somewhere to go! Where can I sign up?
    Keep us posted!

    Not to mention the master br!! and the gardens - the patio, the kitchen, the living room - what a dream!
    Snap it up. Please?
    I'll come help ya pack.


  8. Whoa! Do you have any idea how much a place like that would go for in SoCal? Unimaginable!

    How about
    Kecia's Kitchen
    Kecia's Kreatatorium!
    Deveney's Divine Domaine!
    Deveney's Domicile of Development!

    (stop me before I hurt something - now you see why I'm not a writer!)

  9. I'll look at the pictures in a minute BUT idea for your retreat center....


  10. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh, sorry...I can't stop staring long enough to say anything else. Amazing. Perfect. My brain has frozen. I am in Texas, but if you need help packing...a gardener, maybe?

    Seriously, it is so beautiful it made my heart stop. I wouldn't be sleeping either! I hope this dream comes true for you!


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