Thursday, November 22, 2007

day 22, thirty days of thanks continues.....

Happy Thanksgiving! Today i am thankful for family and friends! Best wishes to all my online friends and readers and to my family out on the west coast! I know my father is having thanksgiving with my stepbrother, Andy and his family while my mother was heading into Yosemite National Park (she lives real close to it) to spend the day there taking pictures with her dog, Muppet. I've been creating a blog for my mother as a Christmas gift, so i've given her homework to post her first blog (i gave it to her early!) when she returns from the park. i will post her blog address after she posts (cross your fingers she can understand all my instructions as this is all very new to her!)it'd be nice if you all would stop by and say hello. Her blog is called "Ageless Adventures". it will be stories of her travels now and of her travels as a navy wife for 25 years! She loves taking bird photos as much as i do, so i am sure there will be some spectacular photos to see!

update: my mom blogged! stop by and say hi at


  1. well the apple doesnt fall far from the tree!! hope you had a beautiful day, sweet i am all ready for your tacos!!

  2. Hello gorgeous,
    Thank you for the post!. Your mother sounds like a wonderful person....Will check her blog for more birdies pictures
    I made the dip recipe yesterday and added a few things (can't make a recipe without adding my own 2 cents)
    a bit of grated red onion, a dash of cayenne pepper....delicious, thank you...yum yum is right!

  3. Too cool that your mom is blogging! I'll make sure I pop over there.


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