Tuesday, November 20, 2007

day 20, thirty days of thanks continues....

continuing on about art retreats........ i am extremely thankful that i am in a position to get to go to these retreats and take classes. i realized how lucky i am, as alot of women (or men) can only dream of getting to go.

Last May i attended Artiscape in Ohio. There is took 3 classes with my friend, Karyn Gartel of The Altered Diva. i just love her work and whimsy. i met so many wonderful people and made some awesome friends that i have since had a chance to see again. (kim and julie in ohio, shar and Lennea).

Then this summer i drove to Boston and spent 3 days with Tim Holtz at Absolutely Everything. what a great time that was! so much fun. his classes are busy and very hands on, so you are constantly creating and then walking away with a fabulous project!

In October i attended Artnsoul in Portland (where i hooked up with Lennea again) and got to meet some great women who had come together and formed "The Charmsters". we each made 50 charms and then held a swap. We have another swap cooking for Valentine's day, which i am hosting. can't wait for the mail to start pouring in at the end of January! might have to make the mail lady a gift! I finally got to meet my good friend, Jan, at Artnsoul after emailing each other for months. we will reconnect again in April and then again in May. I also met my newest best bud, Zhulia. i told her that i felt like i was looking at my future self with her!

Now, it's not a formal retreat, but Jean and I are getting together next week for 3 days in Pennsylvania. we met thru the Charmsters group and she is 3 hours from me. We are getting together for some project sharing, shopping, etc. I am so excited to be doing this. Jean is very generous to have me come just like that and open her home to me. In turn, i have promised to make her my famous tacos (don't be jealous, Kim!). we are going to be creating some resin jewelry and who knows what!

In feb. i leave for Utah to attend Artnest with Anahata Katkin, Pam Garrison and Amy Hanna! i'm tickled pink about getting to go to this one!

In April, i leave for Washington state to attend Artfest hosted by Teesha Moore. Here i will hook up with Kim and Julie, Andrew, Jan (and meet Frank the tank - yippeee!) and finally meet my online friend, Lindsay. again, can't wait! I'll be seeing some other familiar faces like Michelle and Lauren from the Charmsters group. and i get to meet Layla (Ms. Mod!) for the first time. There i am taking 2 classes with Nina Bagley and wall paper people with Anahata Katkin.

Then in May, i leave for Hampton, Virginia. i will be driving there and probably picking up some people along the way. I get to see Jan and Zhulia again, Leeann and Jean and Layla! (plus others i am forgetting about!) there i am taking uber portraits with traci bunkers, girls got gothic with Sally Jean, Junk Drawer Metalsmithing with Stephanie Lee, transparency collage with Michael deMeng and butterfly boxes with stephanie rubanio.

I have so many fun things to look forward to. The anticipation is just as much fun as going!


  1. You forgot to mention how pretty I am. (You can go back and add it...)
    You are Queen Retreat and I am Queen Retreat's friend:) who has the distinquished honor of being married to Frank the Tank! woohoo!!
    Yes, you're a busy, busy girl and I love the fact that you're my friend. I love having busy friends! That, and the fact that I think you're wonderful!! Jan

  2. hey, I'll be seeing you in Uber self-Portraits!


  3. hey kecia!!! can't wait to finally meet in in person, i'll be seeing you in april and may, woohoo! and we even have a couple of classes together, so it should be fun, have a great holiday! :D

  4. You are a busy girl!

    I should have registered for Artfest (since it's so close). I think I missed the social aspect of the Portland A&S retreat since I commuted each day. When I saw the classes for Hampton I decided I HAD to go. You're right, anticipation is half of the fun. I'm already counting down the days 'til May.

  5. no one loves your famous tacos more that me..just heaven all wrapped up in a tortilla.....


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