Saturday, November 17, 2007

day 17, thirty days of thanks continues.......

today i am thankful for photography. I am so thankful for my camera. i love taking pictures. i feel they tell a story. i'm rarely without my camera and always feel naked when i don't have it! i think what is cool about photography is seeing something in an image that others don't see or even appreciate. then you show them the picture and they say "wow, i didn't even notice that". alot of people aren't comfortable having their photo taken, but i feel i am pretty good about getting them to relax and get more of a natural expression from them. Being a professional photograher is also on my list of things that would be cool to do!
i took this picture above of me, dillon and my dad when we were out on our walk. the other picture i took in Brooklyn. it was some poster pasted on the wall (collaged!). i thought it would make a cool background in some digital art.


  1. I love the shadow photo. I'm starting to read your blog after finding you through NaBloPoMo. You were one of the random people I tagged--my picks were based on liking or connecting with the blog names.

  2. you certainly do take some awesome pictures with your camera it is an extension of your hand...
    love you


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