Monday, November 26, 2007

day 26, thirty days of thanks continues!

today i am thankful for Jean! i have arrived here in Mechanicsburg, PA after a longer than expected ride due to rain and fog and we set right to work! Jean is a retired teacher and she is excellent at teaching! we are making soldered bezels for jewelry. it is a fun technique and very easy. there' s a lot of steps to it and it is nice to have Jean done all the experimenting, etc. and she knows how to save time by doing things in order. i've enjoyed it quite alot! she is very generous with her supplies telling me to bring nothing and has been giving me things left and right. she made me an awesome soldered charm with my name on it. i didn't arrive empty handed either. Jean got one of my cworky dolls on the letter "J", a paper mosaic mirror i made for her using the tim holtz class, a little pocket calendar that i collaged on and a homemade "Merry Christmas" banner, which she promptly hung up! I asked Jean if she would also be holding a vendor night for me - lol. i could go shopping in her studio, which HUGE! too bad i can't load any pictures, but will show you when i get home. her home is gorgeous and she has bird feeders outside everywhere. i loved watching the chickadees, finches and tufted titmouses flying in for seed and peanuts! what a nice day. tomorrow we are pouring resin into our bevels and then going supply shopping; since i want to have alot of the supplies on hand when i return home and not have to order stuff online (save for a few items). well, i am off to bed because i am exhausted. i wanted to tell my husband that i loved him and am grateful that he lets me just dart off to Pennsylvania to do art (especially after just returning from Nevada!) goodnight!

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