Monday, November 19, 2007

day 19, thirty days of thanks continues......

today i am thankful for the exciting news i received! earlier i had tried to sign up for the art retreat "The artnest" only to find out that they were full. I was hugely disappointed about not getting to go and kept thinking about it over the next few days, feeling bummed. finally i said, "ok, enough! time to let it go, it will work out the way it should" - so i did.

and sure enough, yesterday i received an email from The Artnest saying that there was an opening and that was i still interested in attending? WELL OF COURSE!!!!! So needless to say, i am quite excited.

there are only 20 people going, so it will be a small intimate venue. it is held in Park City, Utah, which i love! it is gorgeous there! i have friends in the area, so hopefully will get to see some of them. and here 's the best part - guess who is teaching?
Anahata Katkin
Pam Garrison
Amy Hanna

how about that?


  1. Ohhhhhh! I am so happy for you!!!, I would love to go to that one,,,won't be long now until we are reading that you are teaching class at one of these events!!! You are so talented and just get to spend time with equally talented women...not telling where that will lead for you!!!! So excited for you!!!Woohooo!!!-Sandra F.

  2. Oh! how wonderful! What an opportunity!
    I love your thirty days of thanks. I have to get caught up on that.

  3. you are going to be the queen of art retreats if you keep this up! lol - when is this nest? and why haven't i ever heard of it?
    i'm excited you got it - i know all about "thinking you didn't get in"!!! LOL jan


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